What's this minnow worth?

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What's this minnow worth?

An unknown type of Mino phoxinus from a source in Eastern Thrace
(Photo courtesy of Serdar Duchesne and Gyurchai Kivanç Akıldız) .
What is the value of this thousand?

Here are some ways to give an honest answer:

1) The value of a single species should be calculated over a certain period of time . update time and more!

They sent me a picture of a small minnow (... Foxinus minnow , not yet classified, not identified...). It lives in a cold spring above the Erzen River in northwestern Turkey (Thrace). It has probably been there for thousands of years, surviving especially in cool springs. If they dry out or get dirty, the minnow will disappear.

2) Every species is a part of our natural heritage . Do you know so little about your history, your natural heritage? Do you value other values ​​in addition to financial values? Loss of biodiversity is an insult to heritage.

3) Extinction is the loss of natural selection treasure. Genetic adaptation in the ecosystem, loss of ecological relationships . These natural networks took millennia to develop; Do we have the right to eliminate the product of evolution?

3) This fish is rare. For this reason alone, their value exceeds many earthly human achievements (such as irrigation) . In a small corner of paradise live fish - they are also rare in the landscape (fresh water spring). Some people ask, "How much does Spring Ecosystem cost?" But when no one speaks, people will drink and sip. Fish among the many reasons to talk!

4) From a scientific point of view, fish can tell biology, history, geography, and cultural relations . It is a comprehensive indicator of climate, geological and hydrological conditions and resources. Its reserve, a natural spring, is part of the "biogeohistorical monument". Fish are just a small part of the ecosystem they live in. Saving fish means saving the entire ecosystem. Scientists - Naturalists can describe the resource in detail (like archaeologists describe a historical monument). Trust scientists: they spend their lives studying species, relationships, and places. Laws protecting these fish and their habitats are also based on this scientific understanding.

5) Spring without mint loses half of its charm . Knowing a fish, observing it in its waters deepens feelings and emotions so much that they add value to life... and quality. Without the fish, its natural habitat would seem half-dead.

6) Someone has to stand up for Pisces...and I'm honored to be involved. It is worth asking the question: is it worth it ?
What a superficial and sterile economic view of life on earth!

I think there is a value here that we should value more than any monetary value. It is part of the cultural ecosystem services provided by nature to humans. A naturally developed glow of ferocity; individuality of life forms. It is the fish and this little paradise that is the main motivation to work on its conservation. Yes, nature conservation is a cultural act, basic values ​​cannot be understood without cultural development. You cannot see the spirit of beauty or meaning without understanding; or feel love for a place. The main appeal should be love; That is why we are committed to nature protection.

The famous Turkish source, "Alekran" of classical literature, is near the Anatolian city of Dinar; It is now known as Lake Karakuyu. The water in it is crystal clear and cold! Such places are hotspots for aquatic biodiversity.

# 1 Thank you
Give me a picture of a minnow - one of the many I have for identification.
#2. I dedicate this article to the villagers of all the Mediterranean countries who asked me
The question "what does it cost" is aimed at finding ammo "there". You can do it!

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