Stavrakas and Skareas: Birds of Attika!

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Judul : Stavrakas and Skareas: Birds of Attika!
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Stavrakas and Skareas: Birds of Attika!

the bird of attica

Autumn 2015, Wild Greece edition, Athens

This is a great victory for modern Greek literature. It is richly illustrated and rich in information on the avifauna of Attica, the region around Athens. My friend Lefteris Stavrakas, a well-known birdwatcher here in Athens, and my friend Spiros Skarios, an avid agronomist, ornithologist and beekeeper. They both do birding tours in Athens and Greece, so they are well versed in birding. Both are active conservationists and spend a lot of time saving places. So this book is made with the heart. It is real and rare. Especially for modern Greek letters.

Now most of my listeners don't know that the natural history of modern Greece really lags behind the rest of Europe. So books like this can do the trick and really change the paradigms of how audiences "see" places. I found this book of great academic, touristic and didactic interest.

scientific interest
"Birds of Attica" (Τα Πουλιά της Αττικής) is a guide containing a wealth of carefully researched and scientifically proven material that has never been published before. The most important aspect is the annotated checklist of 309 species. There is a lot to learn from this list. List one of the best things about books for me!

Tourism - recreation in nature
The book describes for the first time "where to look for birds" in Attica (it is one of the few instruments in Greece - there are works from Crete, Lesvos, northern Greece, among others). No other accounts of Atticus have been published, and indeed Atticus has always had many negative reviews of his character in the press. Maps and clear directions are provided and prove that these major sites are worth visiting. Attica is divided into five regional units. The best plots of each plot unit are described in detail. Some places, like the plain of Erythrae and the gorge of Asopus, will surprise even the avid Athenian bird watcher.

The book can really help environmental education in Athens and Attica. Teachers, educators, scientists, pedagogues, etc. will now be able to guide their students towards bird hunting. It's also a great idea for teachers and educators to teach how to use birds to connect and learn from students. The book provides a wealth of information on other wildlife, plants, field colors, etc., which enriches a comprehensive science education.

Usually the book is beautifully illustrated - the great pictures of birds will inspire beginners in this sport. Paschalis Dougalis provided drawings of real birds.

Finally, if I could say a few things that I didn't like about the book. At first, the graphics were a bit "outdated", like postcard-sized landscape images. Some landscapes are really beautiful, they need more space. The photo is beautiful, but it would be nice to know where the photos of birds come from; Some people don't, which is fine, but maybe they should say it (for example, the hilarious photo of a flock of red-nosed geese is a bit jarring). A first edition of a book like this cannot be without minor errors, I found none on the checklist. These small flaws do not detract from the quality of the book. The book is already very large and significant (236 pages), so it is clear that the images should be small. I also agree with the relatively compact size of the book. You should take it for reference…

I recommend the book to everyone as a gift. Even the non-Greek reader will get a lot out of it. Indeed, it is a rare subject for the Greek public, and one that will be gratefully remembered when someone introduces it to an Athenian. The book is a great triumph of modern Greek literature. And I hope it will soon be published in English.

Good luck with the book; We hope it will be widely distributed.

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