Sperchios River: Kripis Project Spring Visit...

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Judul : Sperchios River: Kripis Project Spring Visit...
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Sperchios River: Kripis Project Spring Visit...

Early April 2014

Spring photos along the beautiful Sperkias River in the Greek Middle East.

In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Greece. What a statement!

My reason:

A) The springs in Mount Etty National Park are impressive (not pictured here). Incredibly cold waters flow through deep, narrow gorges and others through Greek fir forests teeming with trout.

b) There are no major roadblocks on the main road except for a few new barriers at and near the trunk road junction.

c) O believers! However, the river has few true mean values ​​in its lower reaches.

d) extensive coastal forests. As for the lowland river, only Pinios, Nestos and Evros of Thessaly can be compared with lowland forests. But it is a smaller river than the river above.

e) Endemic fish are good. Its unique biogeographical position at a crossroads gives the river a unique atmosphere where fish of biogeographical origin from the north rub shoulders with fish from the unique southeast. Three river taxa are endemic ( Pungitius hellenicus, Alburnoides sp., Rutilus sp .); The general list of freshwater rivers includes about 15 species.

f) The wonderful life of birds. The lower course of rivers, forests and swamps, the delta is very rich and little studied.

E) Flood! Flood pulses are still observed within the contour of the river's natural flow system. This delta feeds on food and nutrients.

h) As the Gulf of Malacca delta system. There are no real life-saving beaches in Greece. Our deltas and lakes are actually less subject to tides. But in the area of ​​the Sperchios delta there are strange mud rafts, deltaic islands, etc. It is important as a breeding ground for internationally important fish and bird migration.

i) Breathtaking views and scenery: Mount Eti rises above the valley below. The unique canyon of Gorgopotamos. Thermal battery with steam sources. The vast delta swamps and the shallow green-gray-blue bay of Malikas. Agricultural work c. An old oriental plane flies over the bubbling water of the river. Hundreds of clean surface waters. The "presence" of wolves in the mountains.

So all these resources increase; Among the Greek river landscapes, they attribute a special place to the river valley and delta - a delicious source...

This is how you fall in love with the view.

All the photos below were taken in early April 2014. Let me tell you about the place.

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The Greek barbarian Luciobarbus grecus was caught sinking at a pumping station in the Antilles delta.
Sites visited during the second biological survey (early April 2014). Station numbers are also used in the photo above.

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