Sperchios and Maliakos: KRIPIS project in progress

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Judul : Sperchios and Maliakos: KRIPIS project in progress
link : Sperchios and Maliakos: KRIPIS project in progress

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Sperchios and Maliakos: KRIPIS project in progress

Apostalos Siopatis and others in the boat follow our progress through the deep mud.
7-9 April 2014

Both departments at our Institute (IMBRW) work on the fisheries aspects of integrated management research in the Spearsias River Basin. This pilot integrated project (the KRIPIS project) also includes other aspects of water and resource management, but here I will focus on fish... This month we had a very good first test of data collection working together in the Spercius delta - shallow and tidal Malikas Estuary The effect of tides The estuaries of the Persian Gulf is an extremely rare environment in the sparsely fed Aegean. The main objective of the ichthologists at the beginning of the KRIPIS project was to create a descriptive knowledge base of this unique ecosystem and to apply fish sampling/observation techniques so that we could obtain real data. However, in the first stage, he gets a lot of help from local fishermen. We will be back soon.

The apostles and I attempted to cast a net into the "deep" waters of Livery Bay, an open, lake-like body of water in the delta.
Works on and off the boat. It was a rainy day - it seemed like the middle of the night. An interesting tidal experience for us Southerners.
The Spercius delta contains large tidal flats that are rare in the southern half of the Aegean Sea. The waders were in full migration - we saw quite a few pelicans and flamingos.
Our luxury traps "roll" on the muddy bottom behind the boat. It's a quick trap for fish to see what's lying on the muddy bottom.
Alkis Economou and Stefanos Kavadas collected samples of larval nets. This small signaling device works well in very shallow water.
Shallow tidal bays are known as flatfish (Solia sp.) feeding areas. They say there are fewer and fewer hunters because of this.
A swampy, muddy, wild world. Stefanos and Alex's hunt. Well, we now know it doesn't work in deep water!
Today's prize: Elf guidance, strong male. I think it is Nipowitzia sp. Combine in formalin solution!
Stephanos and Apostalus took samples on board the ship. What we collected is our first window of knowledge.
Bag with sample bottles - some contain formalin, some contain ethanol. About Knowledge Network and Local Guide Nikos.
Stefanos, Tasos and Alex are planning for the future: a great team! Muddy roads, small canals, muddy plains - the delta is a labyrinth.
Muglades ( Liza sp.) are found in shallow brackish waters in estuaries and lakes; They are caught with nets.
We interviewed fishermen in the small port of Molas. Nourishing water is not like what you see in southern Greece.
Gillnets are in need: Fishermen report dramatic declines and report problems with poaching and poaching.
A fisherman several hundred meters from the keel net. We discussed the problems. Today's catch wasn't very good.
Torpedo marmorata is caught in the gill network of algae. Fishermen mention several types of rays in Malyakos (also large - more than 30 kg).
The mantis shrimp, Squilla mantis, is a bivalve shrimp that is harvested in large numbers. It is known in Greek as "katsarida" (= cockroach).
The invasive blue crab Calonectes sapidus is a very problematic and common species of little economic value; Its results have not been fully evaluated.
The river flows into the sea. One of the most interesting environments for ichthyologists. Here we get to the ancient Sperhia Canal.

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