Orientgate_Wetlands & Egyptian Gods in Attika

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Orientgate_Wetlands & Egyptian Gods in Attika

Stomi, Shinias Beach. The Kinosura Peninsula juts out into the sea. Swamp front settlement.

November 25, 26, 27, 2014

During the last three days I participated in a series of workshops, a field trip and a public meeting organized by EKBY (Greek Center for Marsh Biotopes) and the Attica Region; Wetland Protection Program and Linking it to Climate Change Adaptation in Attica.

I am particularly pleased with the dynamic and energetic presence of the Attica region (our regional government) and thank the EKBY staff for their well-coordinated initiatives.

I'm sharing some photos from a trip I helped make yesterday, on a very bleak and cold autumn afternoon, to Shinias Marathon National Park and Braxis Drains (home to a fantastic archaeological site).

Just so you know, if you take a big bus (50 seats) from Syntagma Square in the center of Athens at 1pm, you won't have enough time to enjoy both places. We did and it worked out great for us. But it's not the best trip I've ever been on.

Shinias Beach with a group. What a boring day. I mean, very boring and cold. Rare in Attica.
As part of a tourist group. Most of the participants represent the regional government of Attica. Also some Romanian participants. Thanks to Miltos Seferlis from EKBY for the great photo.

We didn't see many birds in these cold winter conditions apart from a cockatiel, a cormorant and two gray tails (they are grey).
View of the Olympic rowing lake. pieces

A winter bird, part of a group. The shoes are beautiful... and mostly vegetarian; They also seem very socialist…

This is an AMAZING map of the Shinias Marathon National Park area. The whole trip was worth it. (I'm told Gianna Angelopoulou wears it at Olympic Committee HQ... GONE!).

This photo shows colors etc. I raised it. Sounds fake, I know. It was really boring; boring, cold
Mullet looks at the small mouth of the Brexit spring.
It wasn't boring. Archeology Ms. Pelli Photiadis, Ephorate of the Antiquities of Eastern Attica, was there to give a detailed explanation.

An Egyptian god at the archaeological site of Braxis. Really weird and wonderful.

The originals can be found in the Marathon Museum.
It evokes mystical feelings in this place. It is surrounded by a marshy oasis.

In the background, at the foot of Mount Pentel, in the foreground, the sanctuary.

Valanion, hot baths.

Prominent figures in the Greek environmental scene travel to Brexis via Nea Makri Attica.

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