New Paper: Fish in an intermittent river

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Judul : New Paper: Fish in an intermittent river
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New Paper: Fish in an intermittent river

A tall white poplar near the town of Vrondama, on a turbulent stretch of the Euphrates.

New article: Fishing in a forked river

IMBRIW - HCMR our fishing team has been exploring the Eurotas River for a long time. Alkis Economou and others, including Roberta Barbieri, did extensive research there in the 1990s. Heads and barbies describe a new fish here (Minut eurotas, Pelasgus laconicus in 2004). The river became a kind of long-term research area, especially after 2005, when several projects were launched, mainly led by Nikos Skolikide. Doctoral student Leonidas Vardacas from Sparta has been doing his best to study fish communities in rivers, the effects of drought and other issues related to ichthyology. I wish you a good thesis in 2016!

Our latest article examines the spatial-temporal distribution patterns of fish communities in the Everutas. There are three endemic species of high conservation importance and limited range in the river. Distribution patterns of fish communities, sea passages and migratory fish such as eels are also unknown in the eastern Mediterranean. These studies are important for river species classifications (biotypes, WFD assessment applications) and to support planning and conservation actions.

For more information, read:

Vardakas et al 2015

To understand why the Euphrates is called "artificially dry", read:

Skoulikidis et al., 2011

All the photos below are from early expeditions on the river; All fish photos were taken at the Skala Bridge in the Ephrota Delta in 2006.

Resources only come from Sparta bridge. Most fish are small Spartans.

View of Ephrotas in late summer from the Skala Bridge.

Vrodamas Gorge. This year's research with the Natura Fish project contributed to the proposal to expand the Natura 2000 area of ​​the Euphrates Delta to include this wonderful little valley.

Symbolic view: Eurotas Chub. Yes, an exclusively local settler!

mullet species such as Chelon sp. Very common in the lower reaches of the river.

One of my favorites, the river dog.

The Spartan minnow was known in Greek by the strange name "Patha", we changed it to a real and crazy name, Χρυσή Μενίδα (red fish). It is a beautiful fish.

A comparison between the Spartan Minotaur (above) and the Schöp eurotas (below).

Map of the Euphrates basin in southern Greece showing fish sampling sites along the longitudinal axis of the river (published in Vardakas et al. 2015)

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