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Lake Isikli Turkey

March 26, 2014

Greece has many large inland lakes, very clean and full of excursions. There is a lot in Turkey - there are whole "lake regions". And some of the lakes are really beautiful and unique. So today I have decided to send you to Lake Ischkele (pronounced "Ezekilo"...). This month I visited Turkish friends and professional etiology scientists. I have a very realistic opinion.

To get there, you have to go to the airport of Denizli, a beautiful and modern city of half a million people, which is not far from Hierapolis, Lodocia, Pamukkale and other similar ancient wonders. Then get in a car - at least at the airport - and follow the GPS tracker to the north shore of the lake. It is a very easy, peaceful and safe journey. All the images in this post show the wetlands east of Lake Ezekeli, near the village of Gokul (Gokul = Blue Lake). The area of ​​the entire lake system is about 97 square kilometers. It's as big and spacious as anywhere in Utah. I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't worth it. It is amazing!

First, these are excellent sources of cooling. On the northern coast, dozens of very cold waters enter the pebble beaches and purify the waters of the lake. ሀይቁ ከፍ ያለ ነው - 820 ሜር በሃ ድንጋይ ድንጋያማ ተራራ ስር ይገኛል - አክ ዳግ (አክዳአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአ አአአአአአ አአአአአ አአአአ አአአአ አአአአ አአአ አአአ አአአ አአአ አአአአ አአአአአ አአአአአ አአአአ አአአአ አአአ አአአአ አአአአ አአአአአ አአአአአ አአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአአ።

Well, what do you see and do?
This is a special place for TVP ... birds - take binoculars with you. Big herds of cows, rare species of fish, donkeys, untouched traditional villages..... There are fish restaurants in the lake with fried or fried pike. And although Ak-Patti was destroyed, beer is still served in the family restaurant! Eat your fish, drink beer, and watch wild fish on the clear lake. Gyokgul has value.

I started fishing (actually collecting and studying fish) - the European-Turkish initiative supported this. This area is really worth saving. It must be carefully preserved due to its amazing biodiversity, from the landscape to the village culture to the killer little fish. One of the most disturbing changes was a major engineering project on the Kufi River, a waterway that drains into the Ishkeli River. Otherwise, pollution is also a problem. More research and care is urgently needed!

I thank the Turkish friendship that made this “work” possible. Colleagues from Ankara and Pamukkale Universities have given us great help. I encourage all naturalists to visit Anatolia and to protect nature please inform you of your visit to appreciate nature.....

There is complete silence east of Gogjol. The river is deep, the marsh stretches as far as the eye can see.

near the source of the tributary. The water is clear, full of plants, very cold. We do electrical work.

Professor Ankara Sur knows the lakes very well.

Biologist Khan from Ankara loves this water.

Flat open space cattle come in the evening.

The Ak Dag limestone mountain flows into the lake and is fed by water from melting ice.

The lake is not deep, the maximum depth is 7 meters, and there are large swamps around the lake. This is a very quiet place.

Scene of the village of Jeokjol. Willow leaves, spleen swamps still grow.

A scene in Gokjol village where Khan, Pinar and Chokar carry a net and a bucket.

Anatolian lakes are famous for rare cliffs; This is Athanios Madrikos. Rare endemic Isikli Killifish.

The native species of killifish competes with the exotic American mosquitoes in the lake; But fortunately, there were a few invaders in early spring.
Little carp is unknown. The lake has many highly enclosed areas.

The summit of the pregnant settlement. Gubbio Medix probably . It was very common.
Rainbow Trout: Strange we didn't expect to find in such numbers; The little porcupine we found indicates that this species is breeding here.

Rainbow trout: fry found among rock feeding grounds: evidence of breeding in the wild.
Beautiful chard : probably Cobitis fahiraea.
A closer look at Cobitis fahiraea , one of the nine species collected by Gokgul.
The Kufic Stream (Ak Dag on L) flowing in the lake has a channel….

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