Kuwait: Near shore reefs

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Kuwait: Near shore reefs

Hook up to a well-placed reef protection buoy by the Kuwait dive team at His Highness Jabar Conservatory.

Jun 2, 2014 South Kuwait

We continue our dive in southern Kuwait, this time focusing on small inshore reefs near Ras Zur. Today we visited two with Alpha Divers. First, the one that is very close to the shore and is completely broken by the breaking of the anchor; and captured by sea urchins. It was a shallow dive with a maximum depth of 6.7m and an average depth of 4.4m, but it was not a lost cause - there were many species of fish and many corals, pinwheels (bright green and red) and many other forms. of life.

The second place was a pleasant surprise: the megalithic domes of Poritis Compressa in very shallow water (4 to 2 meters deep at high tide). It also featured some amazing Platygyra daedalea brain corals. Among them was a nudibranch with markings exactly like those of this coral. I also realized that many of today's "blackspot snapper" are actually Russell's snapper. Bulgarnal belongs to Luther, but other species are also found. Each reef seems to have its own composition and community of corals and coral fish. So much to learn...

Next to a beautiful "brain coral" in very dark and highly turbid conditions on a porite dominated coral reef (Photo: Aris Vidalis)

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