Kuwait coral reefs

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Judul : Kuwait coral reefs
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Kuwait coral reefs

Ares on the outer reef of Kuwait with a giant pharaoh squid (this image has been processed further; compare the intact identical image below).

May 30, 2014 Kuwait Diving Expedition

With our guide Maryam Zafar, her husband Ahmed; Great Kuwaiti hospitality at Alpha Divers. We explored two completely unknown coral reefs; On the outer plateau of the beach. Unfortunately, anchor damage does a lot of damage. Many large fish are also disappearing. We study it. The photos are my shots of the first two dives with a small Olympus stylus; Aris Vidalis photographs with a "big" camera. It's great to be back in Kuwaiti waters.

Although the first reef - the exit - was spectacular...in muddy, fairly clear water, we found ghost nets still fishing and banging. A few amberjacks recently washed ashore and a beautiful red crab - died. But the coral diversity is rich - lots of acropora . Today, the giant pharaoh squid can be seen on every reef in Kuwait. Light stripe color pattern used in breed shows.

On the second dive we briefly floated on the fast tide; Most of the way is through coral rubble, then we descend into the dark, murky waters below the reef. We really missed the more spectacular reef slopes and had to turn back...but deeper we found soft corals (like octorals with small blooms like polyps). The current carries a lot of nutrients, the water is cold and full of jellyfish, stenophores, all kinds of jellies. blue soup

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