Kuwait: Coral Reef Diving

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Kuwait: Coral Reef Diving

May 31, 2014 South Kuwait.

Sharing photos after an incredible diving experience with Alpha Divers. Unreported location: South Kuwait. Conditions: two immersions in water at 30 degrees. Rich in plankton, cloudy, beautiful.

This place is close to the most visited island, but it has a great diversity. Some parts of the reef are inhabited by coral species that attract Goniopora lobata . This species has large polyps that grow day and night, and some people mistake it for soft corals, creating a unique flower cluster habitat. The long spiny urchins Diadema setosum live in groups, forming a "small forest" that serves as a breeding ground for small fish, the most characteristic of which is the Persian cardinal, also with a black horizontal stripe. The striking color patterns of purple soft corals are nothing compared to the unusual, brilliantly bright stars (probably Ophiotea sp.) firmly attached to their stems. And today we got our first elamography, Scaly Whipray, the type of lightning we've seen in this room before.

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