Kuwait: 'Clear water" reef !

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Judul : Kuwait: 'Clear water" reef !
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Kuwait: 'Clear water" reef !

June 7, 2014

In the desert, in summer - the sea is a paradise. We went to a famous rock off the beach; The magic of clear water between waves. Of course we joined many Kuwaiti boats, not all of them had anything to do with boys. It is sad to see the anchor of heaven broken. That's why I didn't mention the name of the place. Those familiar with Kuwait will recognize this place, it has become popular lately.

This reef is truly unique as it is massive and has sheer rock faces with layers of coral formations in a theatrical seascape. Acropora (horn coral) is larger and covers more area than any other reef in the country. It is very rich in fish compared to other reefs. Today I counted 43 species of fish on two dives; Some species are not found on coastal reefs. The outer reef here is home to beautiful Gulf Parrotfish and Bullhead Parrotfish and many other 'Southern' reef species such as Arabian Butterflyfish, Colorful Blennies, Dragonflies, Lionfish and more. I was told that parrot fish are speared and again they are wide.

But the most surprising thing today was the clarity of the water on the first dive. I'm thinking 13 meters. Of course, the visibility here depends on the movement of the tides, the weather, etc. throughout the day. change so that this condition is considered extraordinary.

Beautiful, no other words. And I saw my first sea snake today (sorry no pics yet!).

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