Kampos Karystou Euboea Greece

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Kampos Karystou Euboea Greece

Since the summer of 1984, I have been going out into nature to the Otter Pond and making recordings. This is a private trip, sorry for the selfie.

Campos Karistou Euboea (Euboea) Greece
December 23, 2015

One of my home turfs is the Karystos Plains, also known as the Karystos Campos. In the southern part of the island of Euboea, near the small port town of Karistos, there is a large Natura 2000 area (part of the European Union's Natura 2000 ecological network of protected areas). However, the Karistos Plain is not a Natura 2000 site as it was removed from the wider area by a group of local residents in 1999 in protest against the Greek government's inclusion of the site as a Natura 2000 site as a major tourist attraction. beach area. However, paradoxically, the nearest Natura 2000 area is still called Oros Ochi - Campos Karistou - Potami - Akrotiriou Kafirefs - THALASSIA PARAKTIA ZONI (GR2420001). Even if...

In the late 1990s, the fear and anger of some local residents became unspeakable when their private property ended up in a proposed Natura 2000 site. They cut down more than 200 willows along the central Riga river and dumped several hundred truckloads of construction waste into the Riga coastal marshes and the Savala pond . The foundations of two large buildings were also erected in the middle of the Riga Marsh to ensure that the (wet) land was private. This act of vandalism destroyed some of the habitat on the Carissas Plains, but many of the wetlands still exist and remain beautiful plains to enjoy on natural history tours. The uniqueness of this plain is that it is rich in high water tables, and water is still abundant even during long periods of drought. This winter season, the local farmers lacked rain and the weather seemed automatic. I was there on a day trip from Athens (ferry from Rafina port to Marmaris) and counted 37 species of birds in 4 hours of research. I will describe the tour here.

I started driving in Karistas and stopped at each numbered station. The red color is the route I take and the yellow is the small route I take at each stop. The tour lasted from 11:15 to 15:30 and then I arrived in Marmaris to catch the ferry to Athens.

Lala River estuary west of Karistas (site 2). The landscape is almost Cycladic.

Lala Creek (near Pigady Pass) before the mouth of the river (Site 1). For those who remember the area, the most popular in the mid-80s was the Vatrakos Discotheque... (literally, Vatrakos is a frog).
View of the sea from Riga Bridge (station 2). The main current of the Rigia is constant at a water depth of up to 1000 meters even during the longest drought.

The Riga estuary is a closed "estuarine lagoon" (section 3). This very interesting type of habitat is actually a closed estuary, but it forms near the permanent basins of disjointed rivers of the Aegean Sea. The beach acts as a barrier only in winter and spring rains.

Riga river mouth: reeds. website 3
The Riga estuary is a closed estuarine lake. website 3
Riga Estuary and Riga Swamp (Αλμύρες). Mount Ochi in the distance. website 3
What I believe to be an otter's print on the Regia Marsh. Now you have to see quite a bit to understand it in the soft mud of these bad photos. A dog and a fox are printed everywhere. page 3:
He hunts beaver in the Riga swamps. Page 3: Otters are indeed rare on the Aegean islands. This field has a small isolated population.
He hunts beaver in the Riga swamps. Page 3: I'm not 100% sure, so I added more photos. I can't find the spine anywhere.
Riga swamp glass (probably Salikarnia ). a trail of sheep. website 3

In the middle of a brazen stream. Page 4.
otter pond site 5
otter pond Mount Ochi rises above it. Zone 5: This zone is on the south side of the pond. the only place where you can see the swamp because of the grass around. This hole is at 38° 1'6.38"N, 24° 23'46.41"E.
The Otter Pond is a man-made earthen pond dug in the early 1970s, covers half an acre and contains eels, gambusias , gobies Knipowitzia caucasica and gray wool. I saw two or three big grays jumping today. site 5

See Arundon. Pliny's reeds in an abandoned field near the Oder pond (place 5.). This is the field you need to cross to get to the south side of the pool. The pond was near a red willow tree. 38° 1'1.33"N, 24°23'43.18"E, park on a dirt road and open a small metal fence and turn 180 meters diagonally right into a pasture. GPS helps.

Middle region. This is another pond below the river and ends in this area. This part of Riga was practically cut down in the 1990s to cut down the existing willow. Page 6.
There are really many blank pages. Perfect for a cold winter day. Page 6: Since these photos were taken with my Sony Z1 phone, I couldn't get any closer. They are active and I found a few in Beaver Creek.
Savala pool (remains after long charging). There are sacred trees around. The field on the front is burning. A shepherd burns Juncus acutus in winter. page 7
Dead ponds are clogged with hastily burned fields. page 7
The upper course of the stretched river of Rygia. Almost like a wadi. Here the wood frog squeals, and the long hot summer often dries it up completely. Sacred groves are an excellent habitat for reptiles. This area is highly revered here. Page 8.

Abnormal eutrophication of one of the ponds in the upper reaches of the river Rygia. It is possible that unprocessed waste is dumped here, which is common in many agrarian and pastoral areas. Some frogs are active. page 9

Dormant heather (dominated by Juncus acutus) and open marshes north of the Bridge of Riga . A very dry winter, you can find out here. Frequent winter rains often flood this settlement. You have helped a lot. station 2

2018 - update

For anyone interested in protecting this site, WWF Greece has published an article about it at wwf.gr:oi-ygrotopoi-toy-kampoy-karystoy .

The article by Nikos Georgiadis refers to the marshes that were filled with rubble and other debris from a construction site last year (light green image below). Wetlands are highlighted and marked in red on this handy map.

The WWF map of Greece shows three wetlands in the Kampos Karistos (Meadow Wetlands of Karistos).

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