How many species of freshwater fishes in Greece?

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How many species of freshwater fishes in Greece?

A taxonomic group of fishes from the Pinos River, Thessaly, Greece*

December 13, 2013

My IMBRIW*** colleagues have been working at HCMR for many years to answer this question. It is not easy. It is important. Maybe urgent.

At first it was about "species", a strictly considered class of taxa; Well... not very strong.
The development of the concept of gender. Now, adopting the evolutionary species concept (as opposed to the biological species concept), he extended a broad revision of species formation. In Europe, the "revolution" hit us when Maurice Kotlatt and Jörg Frehoff published the European Fresh Water Guide (2007). This book is a sort of comprehensive survey of many new European inland fish species. Suddenly we have many new species (most of which are officially recognized as subspecies). In the new "evolutionary" approach to distinguishing species, the concept of subspecies is dead. So, although our country is already rich in fish species, what to do when many old items receive new, shiny names?

How much is it in Greece now?

In the year In 2007, my colleagues and I issued an elaborate list and conservatively listed 161 species with Morris and George. Our article does not appear to be short, so if you read it, we will confirm the inconsistencies created by the new concept.

Freshwater fish of Greece - an update based on an aquarium survey
AN Economou, S. Jakumi, L. Vardakas, R. Barbieri, MT Stop, S. Zogaris
Mediterranean 8(1), 91–166. Available at .

In the year In late 2012, my colleagues and I published an updated list that included 167 species.

A recent contribution to the distribution of freshwater fish in Greece
N. Koutsikos, S. Zogaris, L. Vardakas, V. Tachos, E. Kalgianni, R. Sanda and others.
Mediterranean Sea 13(2), 268-27. Available at .

How do you do now?

This is not easy for the following reasons.

a) some species groups are poorly understood and need to be re-evaluated; Research is ongoing to definitively add types with pre-existing clinical differences or subtypes. So we expect at least 10 more firms to emerge over the next decade, which I think is a conservative estimate.

(b) some species are not only derived, but are "aggregated" into others and can be reassessed not as species but at best as local aggregate units. It is possible, but I expect that such changes will be few. In addition, a new tax work can show that the Greek people who are supposed to live in this country are of other species that currently do not exist. (During a recent menu revision, we "skipped" two species this way, Salmo dentex and Barbus rebeli , which were removed from the Greek fish menu.)

c) The issue of fresh water fish in the sea is important. The font is definitely not black and white. Many fishes that breed only in sea water are already listed as freshwater (for example, this is common in reviews of most countries of the world. Some marine fish are common and common and are often found in clean freshwater, and not only on the edge of the coast. 2007 A review shows that at least 55 "marine" species are frequent or transient migrants in freshwater or transient waters (ocean estuaries, coastal marshes, etc.).

So 167. But notice that about 27 are not indigenous. The list does not include many species that are currently "in progress" or "in progress" or some "new species" described by taxonomists.

This is an exciting time to be fishing in Greece.

In the year Here are some beautiful photos from just one trip in 2011.

Cobitid Loch from Pinius in Thessaly; In Thessaly, the spring-fed swamp dwellers were called Cobbitis stephanidisi (probably extinct) . This specimen is similar to Cobitis vardarensis .

A large Greek longhorn beetle, Luciobarbus grecus, near the entrance to the Kifissos River bed near Lake Iliki. This beautiful large fish (endangered by IUCN) is known to be up to 110 cm long in the lake.

Significant taxonomic changes are occurring in the Balkans with sprilins ( Alburnoides sp). These specimens were recently recognized as Albernoides thessalicus , former subspecies. To the south, in Spercius, a new species is described.

The smallest freshwater fish in Europe; Trichonis Gobi Economichthys Trichonis . It is known only from lakes Trikonis and Lysimakia. The unique zebra pattern is unique.

A rare Strymon Minnow Phoxinus stymonicus , caught in a cold spring next to the dam. This group requires careful examination as there may be one or two species in Greece.

Catfish Silurus aristotellis , one of the most famous Greek species. It was taken here in Lake Ulicki, where it (probably) accidentally grew out of a stock of carp.

The Greek stickleback Pungitius hellenicus , one of the rarest fish in Europe, is not listed as a "species of public concern" in the habitat guide. A law to protect all rare fish found in Europe.

*All photos taken during recruitment in September 2011. HKMR and the National Museum in Prague collaborate.

** IMBRIW = Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters.

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