HCMR Fisheries Meeting in Athens

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HCMR Fisheries Meeting in Athens

October 17, 2014
Fishing in Greece. Pattern, trend, attitude

Public briefing hosted by our Department of Fisheries at IMBRIW (Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters) - HCMR*

Amazing day, even though I arrived early... I've never been to a public event where 30 famous scientists and experts presented summaries of their work in one day. And I think that this question is the first question for the Greek fishermen, which focuses on defining the situation that is really problematic in the national fisheries. Fisheries and marine biodiversity in Greece face significant challenges and threats. Therefore, this meeting is a real "gift of the sea environment".

It was a complete success. The amphitheater hall of the Greek Ministry of the Environment on Mesogon Street in Athens was packed with people interested in fish. The meeting started around 9:00 and ended almost on time around 18:30. It's amazing how much people care about what these strange scientists and environmentalists have to say. We also hear from large NGOs and novice fishermen. All in one very long day.

Sorry, I have a limited selection of photos; But this is what I did in photo form. Sorry for the weird comment; I try to be funny!

HCMR legend Cavadas (left) and Mahias (street right).

Rumelioti Environmental NGO (left) mentions the word "fishing"!!

HCMR's Smith - Crete (left) shows a "deep and subtle ecology" ... great view; K K L D A Y D L M.
Vasilopoulou (from HKMR) and Tsikliras (A. Univ. Thessaloniki) quickly agreed. (Sorry I don't know the name of the pretty lady on the left).
Maravelias HCMR commented that ... the biomass of fish species has decreased (see "black line" [below] ...).
Awesome PPT Slides by Maravelias. It's one of the best presentations, bravo!
He stopped in the local ministry amphitheater on Friday afternoon.

Lots of familiar faces, as well as youngsters in the hall. Yes, many of them are direct scientists and researchers.
Cycleras (AUT) and Moutopoulos (Messolonghi Tech Univ) are MIKE compatible. A Greek boy who is good at fishing.
Stereo (our director) from large fishing specialist Cerpes (HCMC Crete, right).

Kotsikopoulos (University of Patras), Fafouti (from "Miss Vima Science" newspaper), Makias, Stereo, Theseps.
Zanes from Andros Island. A fisherman who knows exactly how to explain the consequences of overfishing.
Zanes: "I'm not doing this for the environment, but for myself, for my children." Eloquent speech "Rybakov".

*There are two divisions (or what I call "Fisheries" and "Inland Waters") in our Marine and Inland Water Biological Resources Institute. Visit us at http://imbriw.hcmr.gr/en/

HCMR is the Hellenic Center for Marine Research; This is a non-profit research organization, so everything I say in this blog is just my personal view and interpretation and has nothing to do with my daily work. thanks a lot.

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