Freshwater Jellyfish in Greece

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Freshwater Jellyfish in Greece

Lake Marathon, fall 2014, Attica.

On September 30, 2014, during a field research expedition, my colleagues and I were lucky enough to come across a very interesting sight in an irrigation canal in Attica: freshwater jellyfish!

We immediately collected samples, did a study and published it in a little known but interesting scientific journal (Journal of Limnology) because we are seeing this for the first time in this field and we got some interesting DNA results showing that in Europe you have different varieties of this extraterrestrial jellyfish ... (read our article).

The species I am photographing here belongs to the genus Craspedacusta (first described by Lankester in 1880). Craspedacusta in its scientific name roughly means "boundary guard", referring to the slightly spiny tentacles along the edge of the body; The name is a synthesis of the Greek “craspedo” meaning “border” and the Latin “custos” meaning “protection”.

Please if anyone has any information on places of interest in Greece any reports (with photos please) would be greatly appreciated.

The internet is full of information about this interesting exotic species, for example:

To download our article on this subject:

Marathon Lake and the exact location where Craspedacusta sowerbii was discovered (map by Ioannis Karaouzas)

PS #1. Our friends from the Hellenic Center of Wetland Biotopes (EKBY) in Thessaloniki also reported the discovery of Craspedacusta in Lake Marathon (also observed at the end of August 2014 and directly in the waters of the lake...); and in one of the artificial reservoirs of the Nestos river they found a large kraspedakusta flower, also in 2014! So aliens may be prevalent in Greece, we need to hunt them down!

PS #2. The former director of our institute told me that once jellyfish were found in the reservoirs and lakes of central and western Greece (Aheloy basin) (however, I don't know if it was of this species or another). So... I'm so glad I published this article. The reasons for the new revision of the topic and the correction of our alleged "findings" in a short message.

Please send photos if you have proof!

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