Francisco Martinez-Capel in Athens

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Judul : Francisco Martinez-Capel in Athens
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Francisco Martinez-Capel in Athens

This morning the buildings of the University of Athens on Penepistimiou Street.

The Ecoflow project , and in particular the University of Athens and HCMR initiative, is hosting a dear friend from Valencia who has taught us a lot about the ecological flow of Mediterranean rivers. This is a very complex and complex applied science, it is a great honor for us.

Today we held a big seminar in the building of Kostis Palamas University in the center of Athens. Tomorrow and tomorrow we are working on the streams Charadros (below the dam Marathoi), Rafina and Erasinos.

For those who don't know my friend, a little note:

Francisco (Paco) Martinez Capel is a forest engineer and assistant professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). He actively studied the ecology of rivers and freshwater fish and completed his doctoral thesis at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is particularly interested in research on fish, invertebrates and coastal vegetation, environmental runoff research and water management for the restoration of freshwater ecosystems, especially in Mediterranean rivers, in seasonally semi-arid conditions. He also analyzed the impact of dams on endangered river species. Currently, his main areas of research are: a) reaction curves of fish and aquatic invertebrates, which analyze the relationship between habitat and biota in the microenvironment, mesoenvironment and regional scale; b) Modeling the relationship between the regime of river flow and coastal vegetation; and (c) the application of habitat modeling to environmental flow studies at the segmental scale, as well as assessment methods at the regional scale. He has worked with us both in Europe and in Greece; but also in Ecuador, Brazil, Tanzania and other exotic places. Paco teaches at the School of Civil Engineers, the School of Agronomy and Forestry (Valencia) and the Polytechnic School of Gandia (Spain). His main areas of teaching are river restoration and restoration, as well as forest hydrology and watershed restoration.

I thank Niki Evelpida and her team from the University of Athens, as well as Christina Papadaki from HCMR for the success of this workshop.

Professors Niki Evelpidu and Paco Martinez-Capel.

Paco describes the first multidimensional habitat suitability models developed in Greece!

Pavlos Kottas from AVmap talks about a software tool being developed as part of the EcoFlow project.
From the good guys at the Ecoflow workshop.

In the elegant interior of a 19th century university building with Paco.

Kostis Palamas building of the University of Athens on Akademias Avenue.

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