Exo-Potamic Reservoirs of Cyprus

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Judul : Exo-Potamic Reservoirs of Cyprus
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Exo-Potamic Reservoirs of Cyprus

a small "sickle-shaped" reservoir of Expotamia south of the village of Aracampas; Totally dry in summer, no fish, lots of insects.

November 2014

There are several types of wetlands. One artificial type is the reservoirs at the bottom of the river, which Greek engineers called Εξοποτάμιοι Ταμιευτήρες. There is a lot in Cyprus.

Vasu and I went to Cyprus to do a short study with marine biologist Yakovos Tsurtsis.

In fact, the purpose was to investigate the claims of freshwater plenin** in one of these outer potamic reservoirs fed by the waters of the Germazogia River.

We went to three tanks, each different, but without a spark.

Worth the trip.

Aracampas Reservoir, the house of "Mixers". Absolutely? But a little carp with extreme caution.
Exopotamian sickle. Vasu went for a walk and looked for a fish, but there is no fish here.
Comfort is in the eyes of the hunter, big and small. We visited Northern Pike in Tank Three. alien but *.

Underwater Cup Peak. Pike tank. There are three types of fish here.

Jacobs and Pike Jr. are few and far between.
Northern pike. What a unique view of the southern reservoir!
Surprisingly rich collection of mosquito fish in pike tank.

Carp stocked in a plein tank...loads, all looking young and healthy.

Roche: "In Peak Tank." A gray bird was also hunting here.
Germasogia River, east of Lemesos. Rain from the storm after the autumn storm.

The coast is located east of the dry mouth of the Germasogea River.

*NB. Non-native fish and other aquatic animals can destroy natural ecosystems, even in man-made bodies of water like these reservoirs. We need to know more about this and more to monitor, diagnose and control the spread of non-native species. Monitoring, research and control of alien species, especially on islands, is an important part of biodiversity conservation.

** To find out why we are interested in blinis in Cyprus:

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