Dikelas Night Dive at Karystos

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Dikelas Night Dive at Karystos

Mid-August 2014, Karistos, Evia Island, Greece

The ultimate ecotourism experience: night dives!
For youngsters, nothing compares to a night dive to escape civilization as we know it. In this case, Talia and Artemis took the group of five, including Konstantinos, 12, and Dimitri, 17, to the Dikelas diving center in Karistos.

It's a short 10 minute boat ride southeast of Karystos: the waves roar, roar - go, go, until you're out!

We actually did two dives before sunset, one around 10pm. 40 minutes each; The maximum depth is 24 meters. But behind the flash and the photos of the photos, there was a terrible scene that made children their age think. Excessive and mysterious shine of the hair.

You feel no fear, but the fear and the off-world scene fills you with new experiences. The lights add to the feeling of alienation. Two hours ago, the same scene was completely different.

At night, the number of fish is much lower, but a very interesting interaction occurs; Dangerous moray eel, lots of octopus, bigger than a bream, bright red cardinal fish and scorpion fish, sleepy rabbit fish, lots of porpoises, amazing colors everywhere.

I recommend this gift to all families.

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