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Cretaquarium visit

On the last day of winter, the Cretaquarium beach...

March 2, 2015 Cretaquarium Crete

The island of Crete has the largest and only modern marine aquarium in Greece. Owned by HCMR, so all reviews will be highly subjective and sentimental.

To my surprise, there is a serious "animal welfare" problem that has begun to affect aquariums and other zoological collections in recent years. Of course, the Cretaquarium only has fish and invertebrates (and a single rehabilitated turtle).

But my thoughts immediately after this trip:

- Fish feel pain. Large fish can be injured in cages. Perhaps their world is poorer. Many cannot say. But I think there is a reason for this local suffering. When people see live and real fish, they sympathize with the species. As people begin to understand, they will provide policies and enforcement actions. People have to fight for fish, so they have to know how to do it.

- Fish are very important for conservation and are particularly difficult for humans to care for. So I think it justifies keeping it in popular local aquariums. Aquariums help educate and educate. They also emphasize the lively nature of the fish. (See group faces in photos below).

- Some big fish - in the pictures below you can see sharks, anglers, quakers... they can't be liked by people because these fish are now very rare in nature. This is how people see the aquarium's endangered heritage.

- It is necessary to "feel" deeply. If you don't feel like you can't love and sacrifice yourself for what you can't love. We need a new generation of conservationists and hippies. These people are sometimes "born" in aquariums. Nature lovers and conservationists were “over it” as they marveled at the open vistas. Aquariums bring them closer to the nature of fish. Close like this, it clicks…

- Zoological collections are under threat due to animal rights. Animals have rights. People have obligations to them. But it is a chaotic world. (very ugly and smelly). So to do better, we need true empathy and deeper gratitude. We should also appreciate the "educational work" done by aquariums.

- The fields of ecological psychology and ecological ethics cover the above-mentioned topics that I am presenting today. Read more

Ultimately, I believe that fish are a part of human culture and a beautiful natural aesthetic that people should appreciate more. Captive fish photos (even mine) can convey this innate and profound beauty. In aquariums, sometimes you can fall in love with... a fish!

I only spent 15 minutes today observing/photographing the fish in the aquarium - I met a couple of scientist friends assigned there; I walked on the beach near the aquarium. It made me happy.

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