Campaign: Rafina River re-visited!

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Judul : Campaign: Rafina River re-visited!
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Campaign: Rafina River re-visited!

Friday March 13, 2014

Rafina (30 km east of Athens) Rafina (30 km east of Athens) held a meeting with local residents, attended by the mayor and local government engineers on the Rafina River. Concerned residents also gathered for discussion. Attention: Provision of banks for flood protection. Most environmentalists are against it.

Engineering studies often favor the construction of riprap and other rigid structures on river banks; This is typical river work that is a problem in the Rafina River estuary as the great need here is actually restoration and expansion . to form a unique NATURAL GIFT from the riverbed . So after the flood we got flood help, no idea of ​​anything alternative or thorough study of how to help the river.

The on-site meeting in the rain was a success as local residents expressed their views on the development of the estuary. A local engineer participated in the broader exploration and creation of the nature park. The idea of ​​a nature park was also convincingly presented and the mayor declared his willingness to support the TAMAN NATURAL initiative.

Why is it important to create a natural park at the mouth of the Rafina River?
  • It is a prime location for successful nature-community connections and interpretation sites; clear waterfowl-fish-butterflies-flowers-beautiful landscapes... all in one small town.
  • This site is one of the top 10 bird and bird wetlands in Attica.
  • In terms of biodiversity, the area is important for protected bird species (birds etc.) and several rare gastropods, frogs, toads, snakes and eels (listed as critical on the IUCN Red List); The site and its outskirts also contain the remains of several important settlements.
  • This river is subject to flooding as the upstream water increases the river's operations. Reducing the open flow of water will help combat flooding.
  • - Rafina Natural Park will be a great example for other Greek cities.

The part built from the mouth of the pedestrian bridge. Very sad.
In the back left, the authorities have proposed the construction of a flood protection structure.

The proposed location is a flood defense structure (you can see the quarry at R).
"Natural Estuary". Peace, tranquility, wildlife - natural aesthetics within Rafina city limits.
Shoot right in front of the bay. A place where we collected a variety of aquatic invertebrates including gastropods.

The mayor of Rafina (centre) discusses the future of the estuary with local residents. Rip-rap masterpieces rock low key...
Local residents and officials , the authorities support the idea of ​​a nature park.

A group of droughts photographed by Adonis Lazaris a few weeks ago. The great white heron (right) is a rare species in this area.
The river's mascot is a small drought. "Lefkotiknia" in Modern Greek. Today he is here (Photo by Adonis Lazaris). Saw 12 species on site today including Serine, House Sparrow, Meadowlark, Kingfisher, Little Thrush, Black-headed Gull, Honeyeater. Yellow-legged Gull, Little Tern, White Tern, Gray Gull, Common Gull, Finch.

Trap works on the bank about 2 km north-west of the river mouth. It's better than concrete, but it's better to widen the river and build an earth drum outside the canal. This stone wall is very close to the river bed. will fall again. The engineer told me today while the crew was busy looking at the eel... (Photo by Adonis Lazaris).

What I mean is needed here now.
  • Formal studies are required. A Comprehensive Study on the Restoration and Creation of Natural Tourism Parks in the Rafina Estuary ("Μελέτη - "Πάρκου")". Local authorities can apply for research and supplies funding. Because of this, there is a need to increase wildlife habitat, including the order of visits, so visitors do not inadvertently introduce birds. Instead, consideration should be given to removing a small portion of the estuary car park to widen the channel and create natural sloping cliffs. Part of the concrete on the left bank of the estuary has to be demolished...
  • Experts should support and provide evidence for this initiative to justify the importance of this initiative (key contributors are: birders, scientists, naturalists, photographers, filmmakers, engineers).
  • Even before the survey, local residents must take additional measures to “rehabilitate” the estuary (ie, not tearing it now as planned, but removing part of the parking lot on the left bank of the river). the flow must begin).
  • It is necessary to launch an aggressive campaign to promote the Rafina Stream (Τυσικό) Natural Park . Media campaigns, press releases, events, lectures, videos, publications should be aimed at creating the park, specific and well organized. Thematic publications and video works should address birds, aquatic life, natural beauty, urban river sanitation, gardening, etc.
  • A local high school and some local community organizations embraced the idea of ​​planting a garden; they must coordinate and work synergistically. Nothing should be overlooked by the company.
  • Volunteers should regularly clean up rubbish in the river bed to "show that the locals are taking care of it", this should be promoted.
  • It is worth putting up small signs to draw attention to the abundance of birds, fish, amphibians and flowers; thereby informally 'designating' the area as an original community managed protected area.
  • Funds need to be found for the first phase of the restoration project (simple steps: see below).
  • The second phase can also be part of the planning phase (more specifically for cracking...).
Easy, come on!

Rafina Estuary from the latest Google Earth image.

After buying photos... Notice the difference? This last shot is the desired future state ... Note the proposed changes: a) renovated car park 20m on the L side of the river. b) A flat area with swamps and ponds was created on the right bank of the river (the stones placed there were removed). Only what!!! It will change the place forever if accepted as an act of restoration.


The Council debated for nearly two hours today at Rafina-Piquermi Town Hall to vote against the placement of a rip-rap (tilted drum) on the left bank of the eroded Rafina Estuary. (The mysterious problem only affects about 10 rivers on the left bank at the mouth, as shown in the photo above from the meeting with the mayor.) Over 40 community members attended the hearing at City Hall and there was interest in conservation. Eventually it was decided that the town of Rhein-Pickerm should not support the quarry development proposed by the Attica Region . This is a small victory for nature, now more needs to be done to encourage natural gardening ideas.

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