Buyuk Menderes Delta, Aegean Turkey

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Judul : Buyuk Menderes Delta, Aegean Turkey
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Buyuk Menderes Delta, Aegean Turkey

End of April 2014.

Turkey is a great place for Greek naturalists. Most of our islands are only a few kilometers away. The idea of ​​investigating the problems is constant. And we have a deep emotional bond with Anatoly. Until 1922, many "Asiatic" Greeks, the Ramlars (Ramioi), lived here. Mass public exchange has changed everything. So "returning" to Anatolia is a pilgrimage. The Great Meander Delta is a great natural sea. I visited him for the first time in August 1989. Then I stayed with fishermen at Karina first solo wilderness adventure. Now a Greek-Turkish research team is studying the Great Meander and its waters. What a gift for me to be a part of. I hope these photos share my joy and spark a love for nature's wonders. I really hope more people will work to protect these waters in a world-class national park.

Great Bend on Lake Baffa; This part is occupied by a "controller", a type of dam near the highway leading to Bodrum.
Large gray drum in muddy water near highway bridge, c. Meander:

Prize of the day: Knipwitschia cf caucasica , dwarf goby, female. I have heard that this species lives in the delta, in the main river below Bufa Dam.
River fish - Vimba mirabilis - young; This is in the lower bend of the national park.
For spotted perch and multi-nizhiya gr. Meander:

Hold at a distance of 10 kilometers from the mouth of the river. Among others (10 species), mainly mullet and good carp.
Lush Baffa Lake. In the past, the river drained part of the lake and created these wetlands; The backdrop is a stunning rocky landscape, perfect for Anatolian tigers... (now probably extinct).
A curly pelican was fishing in the river near our boat. A small colony still nests in the bay, but their number is few.
Ancient Daganbey, a former Greek village, on the lower slopes of Samsun-daga (Mt. Mikale).
Ancient Greek village hospital, later school. Now the National Park Information Center has been restored. Hello Turkey!
Old Fisherman's Interview with Biologist Khan Yenisei. Here we learn about the giant granios fishes that have invaded the river, some weighing more than 80 kg!!!
" Granias " Argyrosomus regius. This little guy is probably from a fish farm. Served in "Karina Balik" restaurant.
We work on a boat. The river is deep, cloudy; What an adventure they caught a lot of fish.
Big Meander - Big Meander. Along with the Euro and the Axios, it is one of the largest rivers flowing into the Aegean Sea.
"Kainak" (hot spring) near the village of Daganbey near Karina Bay (photo by D Zogaris).
A cyananthid pipefish, possibly a genus of Nerophis. Common in bay and spring vegetation.
Two possible contenders. American mosquitoes and native killfish (female) at Kainak.
There are about two dozen palm trees in Carina that look like Phoenix Theophrastis. Theophrastus palm trees are among the most expensive trees in the Aegean, are they really a species?
The fire spread and burned the southern part of the mountain in front of Karina Bay, but the palm trees are fine.
Phoenix theophrasti - a palm tree native to Crete and SW Turkey - look at the short flower stems and small palm trees on these trees... Can anyone confirm this identification?
The lower Meander River flows past the ruins of Miletus, a natural wonder of fish and birds.
One of my favorite fish is the "Ilanbalik", the traveling eel. It is still common in the lower reaches of rivers and lakes.
Closely related to the widespread Mediterranean carp, the local killifish, this Aegean fish is now called by some Aphanius almiriensis . This is a handsome man.

To the west, the view towards Samos is the faint peak of Mount Samsun. Kareena Bey shines peacefully.

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