Buy a new pair of Binoculars!

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Buy a new pair of Binoculars!

December before Christmas 2013

Which is better, a new high-quality pair of binoculars or an old pair of Zeiss binoculars?

Well, I've been using binoculars for over 30 years. But the thing is that I know almost nothing about this technology and I only have an old pair of Zeiss 10x40 B GAT. My brother Costa bought me a Zees in 1987. You've come a long way. I've seen amazing things with them, bears in Canada, dolphins in Mexico, native forest birds in Hawaii, flocks of Sockotra in Qatar, monk seals on the south coast of Euboea, woodpeckers in Amsterdam and more. (...Yes, I want to display like this for pages...). In all the horrible experiences I've had, I've never lost my binoculars. However, they did damage to Mount Oshi in 1999. In October when I was fighting with local terrorists (long story). You correct them in containers. A deaf old man at the port has done a great job. And they work so well and beautifully that it's hard to let go of them.

This year I bought some binoculars for our lab because now we will be doing more work in the water...maybe plus some fishing ( can see the fish from the deck with the binoculars!!!). It should be waterproof... I chose a Nikon Monarch 7 camera; 10x42

Now I think the reason is:

1) The $600 Nikon 10 X 42 Monarch 7s outperforms the old Zeiss in many ways. (Which was rated the best in the world 20 years ago and cost twice what it did then.) Sensitivity, wide field of view, clarity and light-gathering ability surpass Nikon. Nikon is surprisingly comfortable, the ergonomics are smooth and perfect.

2) I would recommend good new binoculars to everyone. I think binoculars have become obsolete since the digital revolution. Don't be cheap with this tool. For a naturalist, this is really more important than an expensive camera or a smartphone. With a good pair of binoculars you learn to savor the experience and really explore the wildlife, not just photograph and collect. The photos are great too, but sometimes the camera gets in the way of exploring and enjoying wildlife moments

I found that our walk around Athens with the new binoculars got me excited to see wildlife again. With my new binoculars in hand, I'm now exploring the landscape and the plants again. Much more than any camera. I started counting birds from my work station at the Ocean Backyard (HCMC). How else can you really appreciate the horizon of the sea?
And to find the chirping between the great curves of the pine trunks and the fallen leaves of the eucalyptus takes a glass of the highest quality out there. ...and the calyx in the morning light gives the magpie or the house sparrow intense beauty. Everyday shines again.

(But... look at the beauty of Zeiss West German engineering - mastery of technique and craftsmanship - a collector's item. Thanks Costa)

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