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Be that 2014

Nature's Dream 2014

More nature in your life!

Plan, search options, organize, do it!
I dedicate this to the "naturalists" of the Mediterranean.

My sweet, gentle advice with all my love:

Remember what history has taught us: "Natural culture" begins with the passion of a naturalist. Be like this natural world. Carry it according to your service and example.

Try to be "in contact with nature" every day. Walk your dog with the binoculars or camera in your hand. look at the sky. Take your time looking at the sea. Focus on the flower, the stone slab, the ladybug. Read the scene. Give yourself time with nature.

Learn to take an eco-tour. Any "turn" (about walking and traveling) would fit anywhere. Volunteer on a day trip to a local NGO. Work and study - advance planning. Do it dramatic and with personal honesty. Spread your love for nature.

- We realize how stupid it is to constantly talk about environmental disasters and create a negative impression of the “unfortunate state of nature under man” (which causes ecophobia in children and the population). Instead, create positive messages about nature. Connecting nature with "big bars". last minute

- do not be overly sensitive; She is a strong and strong character. The only thing painfully missing are the deep interests of society. We're all guilty to some degree: We're all drained of the absurd realism of everyday life. Reality exists...a world of wild, calm, wild and harmonious nature. Go to retargeting.

Nature is not just a beauty or an adrenaline rush. To really get close to it, you have to study it and understand it. To love so hard to know nature, you have to learn a skill. Natural science skills are given by enthusiasts and natural scientists. There are very few such people in our world.

- Find and spend time with naturalists in the area. Diver ichthyologist, crazy ladybug, botanist with flowers, cow-butterfly, tortoise, bird-cow, rock-bass collector, nature photographer, ecotourism manager, tourist.

Find or create a naturist group on Facebook. Make friends, do social studies.

Tell your NGO a “natural story” (there are many ways to do this).

- If you are an environmental scientist - invest in developing your skills in the natural sciences and spend 10% of your time on culture. “Cultural exposure” means doing something tangible to show nature to the public. Think strategically, plan, evaluate results.

Pay attention to the urban nature. Since most of us are urban, we must create space in cities and manage nature.

Organizing a small wetland or green city in 2014 to improve protection and promotion. If we Athenian birds did this strategically, we would save at least 10 swamps! Consider the possibilities in and around Athens: Brexis, Legrena, Artemis Marsh, Upper Raffinos, Kerate Stream, Agios Stephanos Stream, Upper Kyphisos, Rafina Estuary, Pasato, Shinos, Megara Stream, Vourkari, Tritissum Park and Kalivia Markopola Ponds. Pool, Falcon......

- Order and read these two books of 2014:

  • The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from the Chaos of Deprivation - Richard Lowe (2008).
  • Principles of Nature: Reconnecting with Life in the Virtual Age - Richard Law (2012).
These books provide insight into the correct methods required for the "natural ecological movement". They talk about our children, our crises, our real opportunities.

(The photo was taken in the summer of 2007 while studying a chestnut forest on Mount Oshi in Euboea. My longtime friend and colleague Sakis Pinaris looks at a 300-year-old tree 900 meters from the forest. Perhaps the ancient tree is a symbol of the natural ecological movement. Yes, there is Urgent need for a cultural movement).

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