Autumn birds of Tourkovounia Athens

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Judul : Autumn birds of Tourkovounia Athens
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Autumn birds of Tourkovounia Athens

This September, a stunning adult eagle flew over the Attico Alsosos mine.

Athens, November 29, 2014

There are exciting open spaces for wildlife in Athens, and if someone works to develop wildlife habitat and focus on local biodiversity, they can do GREAT. Careful restoration and planning is required to restore and manage natural or near-natural vegetation and wildlife habitat.

However, this is another report from Turkavunia, a pet bird park in a mountainous area whose peak is about 380 m above the Athens basin.

What I want to leave now is that sharing photos like this and spreading the word about wildlife in the city is important. This great European capital has completely neglected its natural heritage. Don't misunderstand the map below to know that Athens has many beautiful green spaces. Unfortunately, poor planning and a large amount of criminal activity, overdevelopment and wasted planning have destroyed much of the park. Most of them are simply "ugly" for wildlife, too many, rarely planted with foreign species, etc. Small pockets, as an exception, still exist. No local fauna and biodiversity management. There are many opportunities to improve the condition of this deplorable wildlife. And on the plus side, fauna is stable and stable, even thriving in suitable habitats.

So let's think about giving opportunities to wildlife, biodiversity, landscapes and local culture... And change in Athens.

Ten wide open green spaces in and around Athens and on Mount Himmetas; The parks (some on hills above the sprawling urban landscape) are island-like, some quite isolated from major natural "continents" such as Mount Himetas.
"Theater in the Mines" Atticus from Alsace in Turkavonia. The cliffs have been restored after being abandoned in the 1970s.

Athena noctua, Athena's owl. What a fantastic bird!

The same shot. Shows the quarry theater and limestone section of the Civeta site. Osciolo is most common in pine and eucalyptus forests under rocks.

Endangered species. We may find a slot that is no longer in use. This stone nut is now very rare. One afternoon in September, I saw only one person singing in the Quarry Theater. What a sound to see!
Ordinary people. Previously, they were not common in the center of Athens, but now they are nesting in different places.

A corner of nature on the edge of the mountain region of Turkuvia (near our house).

A sign with the inscription "I love the forest". It should read: "I love natural history." If you can't understand, you can't really love.
Fortunately, Athena's tree, the olive tree, was often planted. This is a good species for migrants such as the reedfish.
Fortunately, but by accident, some dead trees (like this grasshopper) often remain standing. Great vantage point for many birds. Wild trees are good for insects. Many migrants, spotted flycatcher.
Spotted fly agaric. Photographing birds is easy.
A place to catch the morning sun. So many birds are using this dead branch...can anyone see it?
Another rare sighting this year: Long Tailed Breasts.

The best images of long tail hats in Aleppo candles.
Top view of the theater.
A pilgrim, a symbol of hope.

-> Turkavunia is also known (at least in part) as Attiko Alsos. Please come out like a naturalist, take pictures, protect wildlife in city parks. If we can imagine that with a little help many will come back... maybe we can find more energy to work on it...

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