Archanes and Anemospilia Crete

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Judul : Archanes and Anemospilia Crete
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Archanes and Anemospilia Crete

First day of March 2015

If you only have a few hours before your flight from Heraklion... drive to Arkansas and drive around Juchtas.

We did it the other day in the afternoon when it was good - great. I would like to emphasize the interesting combination created by improving the archaeological site of Animasplia with a commitment to promoting the flora of the region! Anemospilia - on the slopes of the Phrygian Hill in Gutas (Natura 2000 site) at an altitude of about 450 meters. This hill is known as the Minoan Sanctuary where human sacrifices are said to have taken place. This was reported in a 1981 National Geographic article - I even remember reading it! So people my age visit...

Either way, the site is closed and unfortunately you don't see much. But the local Natural History Museum took the initiative to put a mark on the map. So walk around the fence of the plot and meet a real flower!!! This year it is very rainy and many species grow at this altitude. (There is still plenty of snow in the high mountains!). They were happy to find the first orchids, water lilies and irises. And simply enjoy the diverse landscapes of Frigana.

Then we visited the village and asked ourselves why and how it was so well “maintained”? They replied: "Archaeology." thank you sir! There is an archaeological deity that preserves at least some villages of Crete and some landscapes. Beautiful village - and must be followed by others. 15 feet from lively Heraklion.

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