Anavissos Underwater: A 40 minute snorkeling break

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Judul : Anavissos Underwater: A 40 minute snorkeling break
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Anavissos Underwater: A 40 minute snorkeling break

Mavro Letari beach near the headquarters of HCMR Anavissos Attika. Tamarisca is a long, humid afternoon. Darling.

October 16, 2014

With the camera in the water you feel like a fisherman. Collector of rare photos and perfect photos - priceless photos. The Papers of Heaven.

I like this photo. Although I don't usually carry a camera with me, I find that it really takes my mind off my hobby of periscope travel (another fish-watching story).

At the headquarters of HCMR, about 50 km south of Athens, we have a piece of Mediterranean paradise in our own garden. Yesterday I went in and took some pictures with his free flash (I already mentioned Pearson 's cancer here in a recent post). The camera I have has a zoom function so a lot of it is nicely framed but very "grainy". Some have been modified for exhibition. I'm using the Stylus Tough series with a locker bag. The cost of the camera is around 350 euros, maybe 400 euros. The tool of total perfection: bringing nature into the digital world.

This is what marine biodiversity looks like in the Western Aegean...
All the photos in this blog post were captured during a very fun 40 minutes on the water yesterday!

Typical warm nights are about 10 feet. Vision. Smells like sand etherina sp. Handled by young Bold Sea Bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax ).
Another larger mullet fish ( Oedalechilus labeo ). He may have transferred to a mullet school as a cover.
Dark Rabbitfish ( Siganus luridus ) - A Lycian migrant waiting to be cleaned.
Very small brown grouper, Epinephelus marginatus , probably about 6 cm SL.

A dark child. One of the cutest and most endangered fish ever found.
the three-winged species ( Tripterygion sp.); Macro photo: very small, but bright enough with flash.
Also a type of triptyrigion , these triple feathers are common in rock crevices, maybe because I went out on a cloudy night this time they were more visible.
Close up of high beam with three fins.
The most common weed on rocky coastal reefs is Thalassoma Pavo wrasse.

Grouper is my favorite fish here, most visible in late summer, no two or three in 100m. of shallow rocks.
Striped mullet.

Striped mullet. It was hidden under the abyss in complete darkness.
Koi ( Tracionotus ovatus) on mullet on pavement (cement bag construction).
Mugilidi in a cloudy place between beach rocks and stairs for tourists in summer.
Potatoes that feed on shallow coastal reefs rich in algae.
Scorpion ( Scorpaena sp.). In the hole under the pavement.
A type of goby (or "sand goby"), a type of Gobius . In fact it is very similar to Gobius bucchichi .
Pliny Zvonimir ( Parablinius Zvonimir); A common inhabitant of rocky areas with many sponges.
My first sighting of Lipophrys triglycerides, the Combtooth Blenny, is usually at night (thanks to D. Koutsogiannopoulos for the identification).
Herbivorous fish, most common on coastal reefs: Parablennius sanguinolento.

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