Anatolian Rivers

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Anatolian Rivers

Great Meander River Basin, June 2014

With a Turkish ichthyologist Vaso and I explored the Turkish Mayander (Buyuk Mendares) basin. The team sampled more than 45 sites in rivers and 8 sites in lakes and transitional waters (several sites were sampled twice). This is done as part of a program to promote the Water Framework Guidelines in their countries. Fish will be used to assess the condition of local water bodies, which is not an easy task. It takes a lot of science and science to perfect it. Much also needs to be done to protect the natural fish stocks and diverse aquatic ecosystems of this great valley. Water in this area is threatened because most of it has to be diverted to agriculture and industry. Scientists cannot remain silent.

A delightful pose by my friend Kan Jens exploring Lake Bafa, one of the valley's most stunning landscapes.
The "Greek island" on Lake Bafa, Kahve Hisar, with its Byzantine church and towering pistachio trees.

Aterina was captured in Lake Baffa. The lake is polluted and has lost a lot of its fish. This requires care.

An excursion to an electric fishing area near Karpuzlou, a tributary south of the Seine.

Sin River tributary near Karpuzlu, beautiful view near Goljuk city. I found porcupine fur ( Hystrix unit !!!) here….
One of my favorite Anatolian fish is Petroleuciscus ninai; I dare to mention the common name "Cavadano di Nina" ; It's still young. This species was described in 2018 by Turan, Kalaisi, Kaya, Bectus and Kuku (Journal of Fish Biology).

Petroluciscus ninai is currently captured in the Can Karpuzlu area . This species survives well in small, dry stream ponds. Little did we know when we caught them that we were dealing with a new, undescribed species that is ENDEMIC to the tributaries of the Great Meander (see above).
the steppe country of Turkey. Steppe wheat and barley south of Usak in the Dokuzsele River valley.
Turkish biologists Pinar Guler and Can Jens are fishing in a small tributary of the Hamam River near Ulubey.
The muse of my life is floating. True turkish ears and pins, and you really...More

A beautiful Barbus pergamonensis (Bergama barbrel) swims in the Dandalaz River near Aphrodisias.

The enormous Luciobarbus cotellati In the upper reaches of the Sinar river (about 40 cm).

Cyprinid ornament. the first two are the real blake, alburnus sp., and the bottom fish is the real vimba ( V. cfr. mirabilis ).
Near Kafkakaplanchik, Sine Goiko River. Deep and full of big fish.

A rare and lesser known fish is the eponymous bent spirlin (Albernoides sp.). High instinct
Professor Sever Ozen on the precious environment of local spirulina. Movies above

Batu lake ( Oxynoemacheilus sp.) is very tolerant of polluted water in Lower Dandalag near Basoran where all river water is used for agriculture.
One of the invasives spread by many dams is the sunfish, sometimes referred to locally as the "Japanese fish".

Mender doesn't kill anymore. Near Aydin, the river becomes completely straight and undergoes strong water extraction. Despite this situation, we found 13 species of fish here, some alien species.

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