Alykes Anavissos: Rare bird

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Judul : Alykes Anavissos: Rare bird
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Alykes Anavissos: Rare bird

A "very rare" visitor to Attica (according to Stavrakas & Skareas 2015) - Isabelline Witter photo by Apostolis Chirstopoulos at Alikes Anavissou.

Same Anavisos, March 1, 2016

The bird count on my fifth transect today was assisted by Apostolis Christopoulos. Apostolis, now 33, is a star member of the Greek bird community and a member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society's Committee for Hellenic Oddities ( ) .

We had a great time visiting the Alykes and St. Nicholas Salt Flats with their stunning buttons and amazing views. Lots of North African dust in the air and hot winds from the south. The result: early spring immigrants, including the rare Isabelline Whittier.

In total the transects produced 25 spp. Similar in Anavisos. Incredible scenes on Witter are: 11 Dried Pepper, 2 Subalpine Warbler and Agios Nikolaos Redstart (not clearly visible, but lighter in color compared to female Redstart). 15 sp. 40 minutes walk from San Nicolas.

News. Finally, I must draw your attention to the study of architecture students who contributed to the myth of the desired future state in Alikes Anawisu. See:

Later we will share some photos.

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