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Acheloos my love

Mid-July 2014 Upper Achelos Basin, Pindos Mountains, Greece

Since my PhD I have been visiting this part of Greece's main mountain river, a truly wild river scene. It is a large mountain river with a cold water main stream active with western Balkan trout and mountain cyprinids. Small towns like Mesochora are also an integral part of the river's cultural elements. All of this has been overshadowed by the public debate over massive dams and river embezzlement…now embroiled in a 3-decade-old controversy! The Mesochora dam is "full", but the valley is not flooded yet, the battle is on the court - and I am fine. Like many environmentalists, I personally oppose this desecration of the landscape, this planned and unnecessary attempt to disrespect the nature of large wild rivers. In addition, the potential for protection and development of this special feature is not taken into account. Want to break your favorite river scene?

However, the fish in the valley have been degraded (barriers created by dams and tunnels...) and uncontrolled illegal fishing is harming them. So, in the last work of the fish habitat, we found some fish there. It was very disappointing to dive in many places and see very few fish working very hard.

In our EcoFlow project we try to understand the ecological requirements of water and dams and we use fish as an indicator. But not only fish.

My love to all who are involved in the search for knowledge and truth, the river is our part.

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