10th Annual Athens Bird Race

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Judul : 10th Annual Athens Bird Race
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10th Annual Athens Bird Race

Fully Drained and Backfilled Wetland in Vourkari Megaron: A Remediation Plan Is Urgently Needed!

The 10th edition of the Athens Bird Race on April 25, 2015

Our group "Sainia" (Levant Sparrow...also means "clever") didn't do so well in this year's bird competition.

We plan to visit “all the wetlands of Attica” and do two birds with one stone: birdwatching and monitoring the condition of the wetlands… or something like that!

We started at Vourkari Megaron, a truly magical place in a shallow, lagoon-like sea near Megara. It was nice, quiet.

Then we quickly reached the delta of the Asopos River, a beautiful open lake at Skala Oropos.

We went to Marathon Lake to see it from the dam. And in Shinia.

Shinyas Marathon National Park was fun. The landscape above all. Open - mostly without overdoing it - wild, floral, brewing...

Then we had a little mishap. Our rental Jeep Nissan X-Trac went off the track and picked up speed. And we were banned for 3 hours, missed the finish line, disqualified. At least we were all safe and having a good laugh in the jeep nearby.

In total we only saw 52 species of birds. The best birds were vourkari, egrets, ibis and shinias, whimbrels and other water bodies of Lake Oropos, flamingos and shelducks. I really liked the view of Oropos with the water of Lake Vorcari, with lots of little, little, little and cante. A nightly storm song marathon. And so we sat quietly in shinias and in peace awaited our liberation and the song of the frogs.

Our team consisted of my good friends Aris Vidalis and Vassilis Hatzirvasanis and Natalia, a student who worked with us at HCMR.

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Vourkai Megaron

Fish-rich - and absolutely clean - waters in Vorkari.

Vasilis in Wokari.
Internal sea conditions at Vourkari. Lots of space packed, lots of restoration potential.
Natalia, Aris, Vassilis at Lake Oropos.
Vasilis notices all the birds in Lake Oropos.
View of the lesser terns. Oropos Lake

Beach on Oropos Lake opposite Evvoikos Bay and Evia Island.

Plains of the Asopos River.
Middle lowlands of Asopos. One of the most polluted rivers in Greece. Shame.
marathon lake.
Lower Inoue Lake Marathon Dam.
Travelers on Shinia near Cato Soli.
Schinias in Catone Soli.
Schinias in Catone Soli.
Leek cf. pink. Schinias in Catone Soli.

Serapia Orchid. Schinias in Catone Soli.

Cascade. Bright
Danger! Too bad... we had to take this narrow and slippery road.
Save on computer.
The rescue is over!

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