San Sebastian Spain ESP meeting 2018

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San Sebastian Spain ESP meeting 2018

Ecosystem Services Partnership, September 15-19, 2018
San Sebastian, Spain

My Greek colleagues and I ended up in the Euro Culinary hotspot known as San Sebastián (or Donostia in Basque) just 20km from the French border in Spain's Basque Country.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of ​​a rather broad meeting of scientists and practitioners in one of the ESP high-level groups, a globally important work of Ecosystem Services.

More about the conference:

Thank you very much!

World-renowned marine biologist Angel Borja is one of the moderators of the meeting.
The taxonomic composition of the conference, prof. Rudolph the Great. Lots of Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, English, Dutch. More than 50 countries. We also met the first Macedonians. (Unfortunately, Turkish delegations are very few).

chairman prof. Great performance by Benjamin Burckhardt. Benjamin, the great German geographer, really does great work and is a source of inspiration.
Prof. Wally Draku's stylish speech.
Beautiful meeting room KURSAAL on the coast of San Sebastian. Architect: Moneo (see).

With Jose Caceres-Andrade of Ecuador on his poster.
Vaso on his poster with fellow Colombian Miriam Sanchez Mejia.
Ioannis Kokkoris with ES map poster at Lake Stympalia.

Vaso talks about cultural ecosystem services in protected areas in Greece.

The wonderful beach of Suriola.
Rocks and cliffs behind Suriola.

Trip to Pagoeta Natural Park.

Trip to Pagoeta Natural Park.

Trip to Pagoeta Natural Park.
Pre-industrial monument. Mill. Vaso talks to our friend Suili Xiao.

Robin, a trip to Pagoeta Natural Park. In general, there were very few birds in the moist secondary forests and deserts around the hills.

Trip to Pagoeta Natural Park. restored old farmhouse.

Trip to Gaintza Winery. The local white wine is called Txakoli. It's scary, but you can drink it when it's too cold.
Getaria village, near the winery. Known as the home of Juan Sebastian Elka, the navigator of Magellan's voyage, the first man to circumnavigate the globe.
The Txakoli wine was tart, bubbly and easy to drink. Dizziness.

ESP with friends Martina, Bart and Stefanos. Martina van Velden organizes such ESP meetings with great success.

Dr. Sierp de Vries is one of the few psychologists working at Ecosystem Services. Good session in this meeting.

A long-awaited book on the relationship between biodiversity and health will soon be available online for free in early 2019 .

One of the PhD slides is a great job.
Vasso, Sincerely, Panagiotis, Ioannis P. Kokkoris. Dream team!
The traditional sport is rowing or whaling on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
The fantastic waters of the Basque coast. This is a walk along the sea walls around San Sebastian.

Walking along the embankment of San Sebastian. the young man on the right is Charis, a physicist, Wally Drakout's new graduate student.
It looks like a Mediterranean gull with yellow legs. (Mixed taxonomy of many gulls and this area may be a hybrid area).

Professor Panagiotis Dimopoulos, who leads the most efficient Greek ES team.
The reeds of Arundo Dona on the hill above our hotel. Please note that the activity here is completely outside the coastal areas and for us easterners it is quite exciting. In very barren places and on this slope there was also Tripidium ravennae (crow's grass, an oriental thing similar to pampas grass).
Our hotel. Recommended because of its location on the beach, next to the hill and sea cliffs.

A typical surf town scene.
Thank you Basque Country.

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