Samothraki in Winter

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Samothraki in Winter

Samothrace in winter
6-9 December 2019

Winter trips to Samothraki are hardly touristy. Most visitors come here in the middle of summer, so the ferry is almost empty now. The place is completely different, lonely, quiet, wild.

The event was a public gathering in Chora. The case of the development of the Su mountain wind farm!! We were against this idea, as was the municipality of Samothraki, so we met with the developers (approached company); Everything went well.

Vaso and I therefore spent time counting birds in the hills above Chora and in the wetlands of Agios Andreas (near Kamariotissa). We saw 23 species. in swamps and more than 20 shura in total. It is enough to watch the crows play in the air - in complete peace and quiet. Highly recommended as a winter outdoor getaway.

Kamariotissa, island port; Early winter on Mount Su.

about Alonia in the area of ​​"Kovoptra"; Just half an hour's walk from Hora.

The eastern level appears in Alonia (the western part of the island).

In winter, Samothrace is full of eagles ( Buteo buteo ); about Alonia.
About Wallonia: desert.
a small pond (far) west of Kamariotissa; Unfortunately, this location was chosen as a site for the construction of a future treatment plant on the island. Such development brings gradual changes but slowly degrades important ecosystems.

Our first flamingo; Three cabins on a salt lake, Agios Andreas marsh.

They feed actively in shallow water.

Follicle with a black neck, Lake Agios Andreas.

Follicle with a black neck, Lake Agios Andreas.
A large number of eagles have been seen twice in the marshes of Agios Andreas.
A small lake south of Agios Andreas, in the wetlands of Agios Andreas: Can you see the reflection of the moon?

A small lake south of Agios Andreas, in the swampy area of ​​Agios Andreas.

Long winter journey.
Long winter walk: some of these photos were taken by Vasso Vlamy - he should be credited.

Meet the old goat, very friendly.
Group of Red Shelducks ( Tadorna ferruginea ) are rare birds.

Grind reeds at sunset.

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