Manikiatis River, Euboea Island

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Manikiatis River, Euboea Island

Manichean system
End of December 2019

We explored the Manikyati River in the winter... before the heavy winter snow, heavy rain and more flooding. Mead rivers only change after Christmas when there is unsteady turbulence from flooding. We're heading into a major blizzard... and we've put together some good fishing information to think about.

Manikiatis Basin is very interesting. it has very permanent water and a known thermal area in the Western Aegean ecoregion with two prohibited fish and is of course very unknown. These are precious riverscapes and landscapes - centuries-old east coast forests, impressive karst cliffs - the most impressive rock formations in Euboea and some of the most impressive in the southern part of mainland Greece (ie similar to the rocky landscapes of southern Crete). . In addition, a large cave system and impressive niches, large karst springs. A cultural landscape with diverse flora, oaks, trees, heather and Greek pine forests. All this requires protection. Little studied, little appreciated.

We don't know where the fish are in winter, how they work, how they survive, what the environment is like. Do they use intermittent input or discontinuous input? Where should their population stop on the vertical gradient? How have fish populations changed? What natural forces (natural distribution barriers, etc.) affect them? We know very little. Too little to defend. some important steps are obvious but difficult. We have to deal with these countries and biodiversity. We need to connect people, heritage and biodiversity. Conservation science is the solution to study, observe, promote, start working towards conservation of biodiversity through specific conservation measures.

Here are some ideas..

Champion in cold conditions: 1 degree Celsius, light snow at 600 m.
In winter, all the fish gather in this pond, unless they are in the fast part of the river.
The Zerovon Plateau and small vertical streams are bead wastes with underground connections to the main stem. Look for Greek fir ( Abs cephalonica ), spruce and oriental sycamore even at 700m+.
Sculius took up a new position along the Manichaean stream, in the mountains above the Manichae and Seta. But still undetermined type!!! For now it is called Squalius sp. "Evia."
The mysterious Evia chub, Squalius sp. Evia: These are among the newly discovered people on Mount Serawon.

Evia Chub, Squalius sp. Evia: These are among the newly discovered people on Mount Serawon.
Evia Chub, Squalius sp. Evia: This is a fish from the main body of the Manikiatis River near the outlet of the Manikiatis mouth. They will likely move through the system, but natural and man-made barriers will stop them. Unlike the endemic barbel ( Barbus euboicus ), they are not restricted to a few perennial coastal habitats.
This biogeographical puzzle of the Squalius population is distinctive and unique to the west coast of the Aegean Sea (read: Giger et al. 2014 - excerpt from the group published above). Evia Chub, Squalius sp. Evia does not fit into Squalius' other western Aegean continent (ie the river Sperchios near Lamia). The fishes of Manikiatis are closely related to the fishes of Thrace, Anatolia and Lesbos. The last time the Aegean "joined" (i.e. a river connection) was 5 million years ago (during the drying of the Mediterranean during the salt crisis at Mekena). Could this nation be a relic of that era? This may be the same as described in other fishes of the western Aegean Sea (e.g. recent work on Alburnoides Sprilins from Anatolia shows that A. economoui and A. Smyrnae (read: Bektas), Y. , there is a 4.09 million year difference between Aksu. , I View abstract., Kaya, C., Baycelebi, E., Atasaral, S., Ekmekci, FG, & Turan, D. (2019) Albernoides (Teleostei, Sequence-Based Phylogeny and Morphology of the Genus Cyprinidae) in Turkey Mitochondrial DNA.

Manikia village - the river "Manikiatis" gave its name. Cancer Manikyatis is sometimes called Manikyotic or Manikyotic. Cuffs are appropriate.
Oak and sycamore trees on a small branch of the river near Manicia.

A medieval stone arched bridge near the village of Vrisi, on a branch of the Manikiatis Koletra River.

The bridge near the village of Vris on the Coletra branch.
Some of the rivers flow as tributaries directly under Manikiatis rocks.
Manichiatis Rocks in the distance. A bridge on the main trunk near the village of Vryusi.
A young eel was found in the middle of the river before Manikiatis mouth.
We stayed at Panorama Hotel in Platana in Central Euboea, thanks to Katrina and Ilia for their hospitality and great views of the Aegean Sea.

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