Lake Ohrid basin fishes

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Lake Ohrid basin fishes

Ohdid Lake
end of July 2019

Summer light in Ohrid: "Light of Zeus" is its ancient name Lichindion.

The lake has a visibility of more than 30 meters and stunning "beaches", some of which resemble those of the Ionian Islands.
In the southern Balkan lakes, the water of the spring trout is crystal clear.

Then the ichthyofauna (more than 20 local species) - ecological legends, in particular the unique and unsolved taxonomy of the local trout, interesting mysteries that have remained so far and a lot of unknowns ....

This is Odie.
There is nothing comparable on earth.

And the lake is shared by North Macedonia and Albania between the famous historic town of Ohdid (UNESCO site) and the sparsely populated and still somewhat "undeveloped" coast of Albania.

Vaso and I went at the end of July when all of Skopje was having fun at the lake; But it was a business trip, so we did a lot. This was my first official cooperation with North Macedonia. We worked closely with local scientists, enjoyed the wildlife and hope to return. Of course we are very grateful to our close friends in North Macedonia!

Some of our photos are published here.

On the south side of the lake are the impressive karst springs of St. Naum.
Among the many fish found on the east shore of the bay is the bone snake ( Natrix tesselata ).

This is "my most emotional photo of Lake Ohrid": the often overwhelming stock of fish in the genie-clear waters of the phragmite reeds . There's only time for two tube searches on this trip - I have to get back...
Albernoides ohridanus and Pachychilon pictum feed on rock debris .

One of the main sources of rivers flowing into the lake; Here in the mountains there are only rivers with cold trout water - with big parsley leaves .
Examples of international efforts. Greek and North Macedonian researchers are collaborating on fish research.

In about a week we surveyed three streams and sampled nine locations in North Macedonia. We would like to stay longer. You have made wonderful friends.
The barbel ( Barbus sp.) is endemic to the Ahrid-Drina system with a limited range. This beautiful specimen was caught at the mouth of the Satsuki River on the north shore of the lake.

We visited a fish farm that breeds lake trout ( probably Salmo letica) and the Institute of Hydrobiology assured us that these were all species.
Salmo latinica (Karaman, 1924), dried trout This species was introduced from Lake Ohrid to the transboundary Lake Prespa in the 1950s (Crivelli et al., 1997), where it was able to interbreed with the native Salmo peristericus. The stage at which the taxon was introduced has been established and its current status in Greece is unknown. We are very grateful to our colleagues from Ohdid for introducing us to trout farming.

Belvitsa Salmo ohridanus (3rd right) and Ohrid trout Salmo letica ( larger left). in st. Hotel Nauma.
Excellent visibility in the northern part of the lake. These are spots of the Drescena mushroom on the rocks under the lake shore rocks.
A large flock of Albernus scadarensis swims like a giant sea slug.

We went fishing with my police friends on the north shore of the lake.
West - Albania - side of the lake.
On the western shore of the lake lies the village of Lin in Albania.

southeast coast.

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