Boat electrofishing the Evros River: Summer 2018

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Judul : Boat electrofishing the Evros River: Summer 2018
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Boat electrofishing the Evros River: Summer 2018

Sampling in September 2018

Evros, Maritsa, Merik... It is a common river in Greece. It has about ten main branches that enter the main trunk of the Greek territory. with Turkey and Bulgaria. It is my favorite river.

We have worked hard here because we love big rivers and it is probably the last "sturgeon river" in the Mediterranean and one of the richest in terms of total biodiversity; in the Greek part the branches of the delta rise from its heights. .

I am publishing the photos of the visit to the ICRC in September. A body of water that directs boat fishing at four locations on the river (see our map below at the bottom of the pictures). And a big thanks to the Greek army for helping us in this peaceful situation.

Euros is full of fish. You definitely need a network here...

Sometimes they don't enter the web: European sinkers (Silurus glanis).

One of the most interesting predatory fishes in Europe, the Asp (Leuciscus aspius).
Common crassina (Abramis brama) - not at all common in Greek river waters.

Pike (Sander lucioperca), another predatory species. these are fried.

The Prussian carp ( Carassius gibelio ), an oriental alien that wiped out its wild cousin the Prussian carp, is now a mysterious (and possibly extinct) fish from Greece.
Evros_md (see map below). First place in Evros on the Turkish border, south of Edirne / Adrianopolis.

Evros_up is located across the border in Bulgaria. You can easily dive into uncharted waters if you're not careful. I think we officially visited Bulgaria as part of this survey.

Erythro_dw is located near the city of Didymoteijo. Water intake and pollution create such a situation. very interesting bio assessment site (only 13 Sabates here).

Erythro_dw and water chestnut (Trapa natans).

Erythro_dw. negotiate the trees with military aid before launching the boat into the river.

European bullfowl ( Scardinius erythophthalmus ).

The large thornbush ( Pseudorasbora parva ), one of Europe's most dangerous invasive alien species.

Ship's equipment. We have a German-made sailboat (5 meters).

I am with the fishermen, Kostas and Alexandros.

Carp ( Cyprinus carpio ) is known to come from Euros.

Sincerely, Kostas and Vasilis. The island on the left belongs to Turkey, we think ... (according to Google Maps ... so we didn't get close ...).

A kind of large water snail ... abundant in the river, often in man-made canyons.

One of my favorite fish in Europe is the Pontic-Caspian goby, which originates from the river, the tube-nosed goby ( Proterorhinus semilunaris ) . It is available in abundance.

Our team discovered the Pontus monkey ( Neogobius fluviatilis ) in 2011, and now, many years later, it has been recaptured in two locations. This exotic/carrier species now does well in the area but is not easily caught by boat electrofishing.

And a new discovery for Greece and the Euros Basin: Goby Racer (Babka gymnotrachelus). To our knowledge, this is the first discovery of this Ponto-Caspian species in the Aegean watersheds. A new exotic species for Greece. We found it in both Evros_up and Evros_md, and it should be looked for carefully in the sink.

Our four locations on the Evros River (in red). International boundaries are approximate and copied from a map widely available on the Internet; Apologies if not completely accurate. The border issue is still very delicate in this area (Image: Alexandros Netakis)

In Euros we stay in the village of Dadia, inside the national park. Yes, an opportunity for us to go on an early morning birdwatching walk...

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