Boat-based Electrofishing in Greece

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Boat-based Electrofishing in Greece

Northern Greece
At the end of May 2018

In 2007 we launched the first aluminum boat in Greece dedicated exclusively to deep water electrofishing. Now, just over a decade later, we are returning to the rivers in the first phase of the EU's 6-year WFD river monitoring project. These are the first three sites chosen this year.

  • Laspias river in Thrace
  • The Mega River, a tributary of the Pinia River, Thessaly
  • Pinius, below the confluence of the Enipeia, Thessaly.

Just a few shots from the team's first expedition and "practice" a few weeks ago.

Laspias river in Western Thrace (near Avdira), little known and very polluted. (Laspias = "Dirty", formerly known as Dolmuz Orman or Boar Forest).

Laspias river

We found the perfect spot to launch the boat under the highway bridge over the Laspias river.

Access is always an issue; Laspias river

Laspias River: Fish don't make us happy. We were surprised, we expected 7 species... Definitely a sign of serious decline.

Laspias river: only one Gasterosteus gymnurus (=aculeatus) was found. A fish that migrates up and down the river to find unpolluted areas, but also survives in polluted and salty water.

Laspias river: one of the resistant fish that resists the pollution of running water and anthropogenic changes, the fins of Gibellio Carassius (total length about 25 mm).

Laspias River: Cobitis strumicae also survives well in highly polluted conditions.

Laspias River: And a fish that can survive in any conditions, salt water, highly polluted eutrophic conditions, low oxygen, whatever... Eastern mosquito Gambusia hollbrooki .

Get food in a small Muslim-Christian village near the Nestos river (I think it's the village of Evlalos). Roberta Barbieri drives a large 1999 Jeep Pajero HCMR behind an electric fishing boat.

Mega river in Thessaly. A new landing site has been discovered, we call it Mega2.

The Mega River, a low channel dominated by a dam, has been completely dug and straightened (a river indeed, and certainly much altered).

Dimitris Kommatas and Roberta Barbieri are our coaches in training.

Mega River: Nick Koutsikos 50kg generator expert working with new recruit Maria Hamoglu (of Karla Lake fame).

Mega River: Fast forward to Mega2 practice tests.

Mega River: Quick setup for fish photography by Roberta Barbieri.

Mega River: Vimba melanops .

Mega river: Rutilus rutilus .

Mega River: We're guessing Romanogobio elimeius (but at this size it's hard to be sure).

Mega river: Pachychilon macedonicum . Note the color differences between individuals (this one recently died, it dies after 5 minutes).

Pinios River: Pachychilon macedonicum (recently dead).

Pinios River: Pachychilon macedonicum (recently dead).

Río Pinios: Pachychilon macedonicum (as above, alive).

Pinios River: It is not easy to find a place to tear a boat for two jeeps.

Pinios River: A place where a boat can be launched, Enii River, near its confluence with the Pinios.

Pinios River: A place where a boat can be launched, Enii River, near its confluence with the Pinios.

Pinios River: A place where a boat can be launched, Enii River, near its confluence with the Pinios.

Río Pinios: Yours, Alexander Ntakis, newly appointed ichthyologist, a man with a soft hand on the engine and many years of experience in the boat.

Pinios River: Dimitris Kommatas, the captain, could also be a pirate.

Pinios River: Alexander Ntakis with Roberta Barbieri.

Pinios River: Nektarios Kalaitsakis with Alex.

pine river

Río Pinios: 11 species, but in the spring discharge it is very difficult to have a good representative composition.

Río Pinios: Lepomis gibbosus (trust me, they're delicious).

Rio Pinios: the boat is good after a very long trip.

Enipeia river at its confluence, near the town of Keramidi. One of the most beautiful places in the Pinios Valley.

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