Athens International Airport layover trip for Naturalists

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Judul : Athens International Airport layover trip for Naturalists
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Athens International Airport layover trip for Naturalists

Visit the two wetlands near Athens airport

Suppose your close friends arrive at Athens International Airport, their stay is no more than 3 hours; Can you quickly take them on a journey between nature and culture?

I certainly did last time when Volker and Dilek landed in Athens on their way from Izmir to Vancouver (starting May 2016). Finally post some pics of Volcker here. I describe the experience so that everyone can think about it.

The driving distance from the airport to Ravenna (via Lutsa and Artemis Bay) is about 16 km. This experiment can be aimed exclusively at birds (there are many other ideas from the airport). The most important thing is that you can leave the airport via the Spata-Lutza (Artemis) road north of the airport (so you don't have to leave the airport on the Attica Odos highway if you go to the east coast of Attica).

Stop #1 at Artemis Bay and the Strand to visit St Spydon's Reserve. Even in summer there is a wonderful view from here in the early morning. It is best to visit Artemis Bay in spring or autumn (but winter is also great). In summer it should be early morning as the beach is crowded and the music of the beach bars starts around 09:00.

The bay is ideal for bird watchers, but even non-bird watchers will love the views. Access to the lake is not free (hole in the fence), so the guide will help you.

Stop # 2. Bakery in Ravenna. Take the scrolls of Thessaloniki , maybe something else. easy.

Stop number 3 . Ravenna river mouth. Beautiful at sunrise and even after a few hours. Birds mainly in spring and autumn. Many seagulls usually rest during the winter in early to mid-summer.

Stop number 4. Port of Ravenna. Ferry port and "almost" fishing port with small cafes to enjoy authentic Greek coffee. In the harbor there are gulls and terns and sometimes cormorants and cormorants. Water logging can be seen on windy days. The fishmonger sells all kinds of fish, it's interesting to see (please take a photo). Lively place in summer, better in season.

He then returned to the airport the same way.

In the Ravenna Gorge, the heron is one of the largest birds there (photo: Volker Bodegom).

The Ringed Plover breeds in the Ravenna River. (Photo by Volker Bodegum).

Volcker took this beautiful photo of a dog next to a small group of immigrants. At the mouth of the Ravenna River (photo: Volker Bodegom).
Stingrays in the Ravenna estuary, they are very rare visitors here. Most common in the Gulf of Artemis where they spoke. (Photo by Volker Bodegum).

These are peeps (an American term for birds). They are called Little Stints (Calidris minuta) and are always fun to watch. (Photo by Volker Bodegum).

One of the small orders was this dunlin. (Photo by Volker Bodegum).

I teach my friends about Greek food in the oven. (Photo by Volker Bodegum).
You and Volker in the chapel of St. Spyridon, in the background the city of Artemis. Notice the calmness of the sea on this calm late spring day.
Fishermen stop in the port of Ravenna.

Greek coffee break in the port of Ravenna.

*Information about my friend Volker Bodegum. We first met and became good friends in Vancouver in the late 1980s (Greenpeace, Wildlife Commission of Western Canada). These were times of great activity on the West Coast and we were very fortunate to be living these active dream times: passive resistance workshops, rallies, nature walks, conferences and more . com/Books/B/Bicycling-Vancouver ) and edited several works at Lone Pine Publishing... Here in Greece, so far away, we miss him and his lovely wife Delek.

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