A Landscape Assessment Protocol

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A Landscape Assessment Protocol

"Reading the Landscape". LAP: A new assessment protocol
Published in Sustainable Development April 2019

In a recent paper, we present a field survey method for assessing the conservation status of landscapes, LAP.

Income assessment... hard work...

Using a popular rapid assessment format, the Spatial Assessment Scales, this study measures the "stress factors" observed in each dimension to assess overall surface degradation. Through literature research and extensive field tests, 15 parameters were selected from six thematic categories.

The protocol effectively goes beyond traditional visual aesthetic appreciation. It can be used by professionals and scientists as an important conservation tool for general landscape investigation. The combination of an experimental field study and its simple integration format can be useful as a screening indicator, promoting environmental participation, landscape knowledge and educational initiatives.

Data sheet and requirements.


In the near future we will provide a practical guide to this protocol, because now all correspondence on this topic should be addressed to Panayotis Dimopoulos (pdimopoulos@upatras) and Vasiliki Vlami (vas.vlami@gmail.com).

A LAP field form scorecard containing 15 criteria for assessing the conservation status of a landscape (these are rated by the evaluator on a scale of 10-1 (good to poor)) and guided by a detailed landscape narrative.

Computational results of 35 topographic maps of Samothrace, reviewed by an expert.

Field tests in Samotrace show a positive correlation between ratings from one expert and five raters at 35 landscape locations.

Kozbeil wind farm and changes in the landscape and ecosystem due to the location of this mountain range; See https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364032115014008 on wind farm impact assessment article for more wind turbine developments in Turkey and other regions. Photo by Serhat Kuchukali.

This is an inspirational poster that describes restoration activities and suggests that we are dealing with the vastness of the landscape. It focuses on water cycles and other features. (See: https://www.behance.net/gallery/73243657/Ecosystem-Restoration-Camps )
And finally, the graphic tweeted (source unknown, but definitely an accurate graphic) showing that wildlife is a good indicator of landscape degradation. The same applies to natural vegetation and plant parameters.

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